Job Description

  • Read through the shooting script and meet with the director to learn his/her vision for the film.
  • Visit the locations during filming to get a sense of how the film is progressing.
  • Once shooting is finished, sort through footage and select scenes based on their dramatic and entertainment value and contribution to story continuity. The editor looks for the best combination of performance, photography, consistency and timing.
  • Cut segments of footage to the duration needed for the film and arrange them into the best sequence to tell the story.
  • Work with other editors such as the sound effects editors, sound editors and musical directors on sound to determine the best choices for the film
  • Add dialogue, voice-overs, dialogue and sound effects.
  • Review the edited film to make adjustments and improvements. The editor then prepares it as a rough cut for the movie director and movie producers to view.
  • Make the changes as requested by the director and producers, and prepare the final cut for release.

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