Skills Required

Film editing is often recognized as an art or skill and is often referred to as ‘invisible art’ if it is done well, the audience can become so engrossed in the film that he or she is completely unaware of  the editor’s work.

If you don’t enjoy rush assignments, long hours or working solo, being an editor definitely isn’t for you. Also, if you can’t work well with other people, are seeking personal acknowledgement or aren’t willing to adapt with the changing technology, you’ll be much happier in another job.

Nevertheless, if you like detail work and having the opportunity to be a part of a major production in the film industry, film editing may just be the right path for you. If you’re keen on becoming an established feature film editor, these are some of the skills you’ll need:

  • A commitment to following the director’s vision rather than you’re own
  • An understanding of the film industry and movie production
  • An understanding of editing equipment and a willingness to keep up with changes in technology
  • A photographic eye for special effects, camera angles and audio effects
  • Ability to work by yourself on detailed and sometimes tiresome work
  • Problem-solving skills to make film sequences work well with the available footage
  • Strong social skills to work well with directors and other members of the production team
  • Flexibility to handle production delays and unexpected complications
  • The strength of remaining calm and confident in high-stress situations
  • To be willing to work long hours on rush assignments
  • A strive to high-quality work and a constant need to improve your own skills and knowledge

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